Best Resources to Stay Updated with ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates all the core functionalities of a company. Often, ERP is one of the biggest investments made by a company, not only financially but also strategically as it affects all major functionalities. About 95% of companies that implemented ERP software witnessed great improvements in their businesses in 2018, according to a report by Panorama group.

Given the importance of ERP to a company, it is beneficial to keep up upcoming trends in the market. A great and an easy way to keep yourself updated with latest developments, news, releases and trends in ERP world is to follow blogs. We have compiled here a list of best blogs on ERP that are best sources of ERP news. 

1) SAP ERP Suite 

SAP being one of the widely used ERP systems, its official website is a rich source of information frequented by developers, customers and highly experienced professionals. SAP Blog ( is a platform for exploring and acquainting yourself with the ERP world, and is the best place to go for everything SAP. 

This is another official website of SAP; dedicated to their unique product SAP HANA. Follow SAP HANA ( to stay updated with all the latest developments regarding this product. 

2) Oracle NetSuite 

 This is the official blog page of one of the leading vendors of ERP software: Oracle. Follow Oracle Blog ( for constant updates and articles on latest products and new releases on their products. 

There is another blog of Oracle that is specific to Oracle NetSuite, a leading provider of cloud ERP. It is Oracle NetSuite ( the traction that cloud ERP is gaining these days, it is quite necessary to be in loop with this leading cloud ERP vendor. 

Another valuable resource for ERP software and from Oracle, the blog Oracle Modern Finance ( is dedicated to providing strategic information to finance and accounting professionals. 

3) Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP 

Curated and maintained by Microsoft, this website provides an all-round interaction with the ERP community. This community connects peers, customers and experts for discussions, webinars, blogs and many other exciting features, which constantly update you on the current happenings in the ERP world. Find it here.

Another major vendor in the ERP market offers this blog on their latest announcements, product updates, detailed feature reviews, upcoming trends in the ERP software, insights on how to maximize your business performance using latest technologies and likewise.

4) Odoo 

ERP that is gaining a lot of popularity these days is Odoo and head here for all the news, articles, insights, reviews and updates on this new but powerful addition to the ERP world.

5) ZoHo

Zoho is a leading CRM that is quite famous in the ERP community. Their blog, Zoho (, provides great insights on various developments in the market and how to build and drive your marketing strategies. 

6) Generic Resources on ERP 

ERP software was initially used by large corporates, but with the advent of cloud ERP, small companies slowly started diving into the ERP world and are reaping huge benefits from it. ERP News ( covers all the latest news on the cloud ERP, which is the next big thing ERP has to offer. 

This blog is all about helping newbies in the ERP world to find the best ERP software befitting their needs. Providing comparisons between various ERP vendors, this blog guides you towards taking the right decision regarding ERP selection. Visit this blog here. 
Follow this blog, Select Hub (, to note the top advantages of ERP software of not only existing systems but also of the ERP software of future. 

IT News brings to you the latest news, articles and trends in the ERP world and also provides a detailed and a comprehensive review of the newly released products of the ERP market. Find it here.

This blog, CIO (, helps you stay updated with the new products of the ERP world, by providing reviews and videos. 

There are the major blogs that can be followed for updates on ERP. This website provides a list of blogs dealing with other topics on ERP. 

All these blogs mentioned above, in no particular order, are a good resource to keep yourself in loop with ERP trends. 

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