Tips to Become a Successful SAP consultant

SAP continues to be the world’s leading ERP software in 2019, with almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies relying on it and is expected to keep its market leader status for the foreseeable future.  In the current context, the demand for competent SAP consultants is ever growing and promises a lucrative future. 

Being an SAP consultant means having extensive skills, knowledge, and experience in the chosen area of SAP landscape. This process takes a lot of planning, hard work, dedication, and diligence. We will discuss a few approaches on how to become a successful SAP consultant. Read on!

Competent Foundation

A strong and solid foundation is very important for someone to become an expert in an SAP business process. This can happen through competent foundational training and/or an internship or training program at a practicing organization. Fundamentals should be achieved in both theory and hands-on skills. It helps to identify the business process area one wants to specialize in before taking a step into SAP career or alternatively one could also get a broad understanding of the various business process before narrowing down an area of expertise.

Cross-functional Expertise

While it is true that sufficient knowledge in one business process helps you start a career in SAP, you need to have an understanding of other business processes too. Companies these days are looking for consultants who are cross-functional and adaptable across various business processes rather than a single process or a module. Advantage of learning the business process and SAP modules together gives you exposure to operate or configure end-to-end business processes, for instance, Procurement to Pay includes learning of SAP Materials Management along with Accounts Payable in FICO. Learning end-to-end business processes opens more opportunities to build a lasting career in SAP.

Continuous Learning

SAP, as a domain, is highly dynamic and therefore is ever evolving. Each year, we witness different trends of each business process entering and being used in the market. It is very important that an SAP consultant is in a continuous state of learning and stays updated with all the trends and latest developments in the field. An SAP consultant’s learning is continuous and doesn’t end with expertise in one certain business process. Varied expertise on all business processes helps you grow as a successful SAP consultant. Agility and adaptability are the mantras of success for an SAP consultant.


 This can’t be stressed enough. Staying connected with SAP community is vital to your growth as an SAP consultant. Now-a-days, social media is gaining a lot of traction and it is one of the best ways to stay connected and updated with other SAP professionals. Be it LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or other social media, this exercise helps you with connections, references and also keeps you updated with current trends and developments in the industry.

Foundational business process knowledge is highly important as it is the first step that one takes to start an SAP career. Finding a place that provides you with both theoretical and practical skills is crucial for your success. We, at iKalpa, provide expert training on various SAP business processes that cover several modules, which are currently in high demand and will gain great traction in days-to-come. We offer training on the following:

Procurement to Pay includes learning of SAP Materials Management along with accounts Payable in FICO. 

Quote to Cash includes SAP Sales and Distribution along with Materials Management (SAP MM) and Accounts Receivable in SAP FICO. 

Demand to Produce includes SAP PP and SAP MM.

Issue to Resolution includes SAP PM, SAP MM and SAP SD.

We provide you with the cross-functional training that makes you an expert across several business processes. Our courses are the right mix of theory and practice across all business processes. Find out more about us here.