Trends in requirement of SAP professionals in a post COVID world

There has been a temporary dip in requirements for SAP professionals with the pandemic affecting businesses, but we believe that it is a short lived decline. SAP, being one of the most extensively used ERP systems, has been a popular career option due to its high earning potential. Some of the major reasons why SAP Certified candidates will remain relevant to the field are:

Demand-Supply ratio

The increasing demand of SAP professionals in an enterprise isn’t met by the short supply of SAP trained professionals in the market. This results in SAP consultants that are highly skilled to find jobs at a company.

High budget companies/ large scale organizations implementing SAP

Complete SAP implementation is carried out in companies with very high budgets as compared to the smaller enterprises. As large scale companies are capable of paying their employees with higher salaries, SAP professionals tend to land better pay packages. 

Increase in the ROI of Companies

In case of a failed implementation in an organization, the related risks are more expensive than the packages they offer to consultants.The companies are ready to pay highly trained SAP consultants in an attempt to secure their future and  ensure that they deliver a stronger return on investment within a short time.

Increase in applications of SAP

More and more end user applications are using SAP due to the fact that it is faster and reliable with updates. People working in SAP are offered huge pay packages as Fortune 1000 companies implement SAP and have high demands for professionals in the field. 

The challenging job

SAP products are detailed and varied. This makes SAP an exciting field with challenging tasks and demands advanced skilled professionals to handle the complexities. There is a huge scope for the consultants to learn something new at the job everyday and improve their growth rates which in turn makes the organization more efficient. SAP consultants also get the opportunity to perform multiple project activities at the same time making them aware of the internal workings of the enterprise. The companies can suffer from extensive capital wastage in case of a small bug in their SAP product which makes an SAP consultant’s role very crucial and rewarding.

In the long term, SAP professionals are going to be back in demand even more so than before. A multi-skilled SAP Consultant with excellent communication skills, ability to comprehend and build focused enterprise solutions are guaranteed to be sought out by companies. Professionals who can evolve and adapt their skills to cloud, integration, digital and mobile world will gain an added advantage in staying relevant in the future of the field.

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